Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Inside the box... Fennel Tea

Inside the box... Fennel tea. 
Twining's Fennel tea
Not many of us would think about picking up a box of fennel tea. Neither did I, but I am very glad I did! A root vegetable, fennel has clean taste with an aniseed after thought. Light on the pallet, this tea is refreshing after any heavy flavours such as chocolate, chilli or garlic. Though, when it comes to the tea, its the seeds we need.

Fennel seeds have been commended in the herbal world for centuries for its cleansing properties. However, with the improvements in food science, fennel's true properties are now coming to surface. There are multiple ways in which fennel can naturally boost your system. It is surprising how many health benefits are packed into one little seed.

Primarily, Fennel seeds are a great diuretic to help your urine tract, promote healthy kidneys and help the body digest and regulate gas level. It has been suggested by herbalists to help sufferers of Irritable Bowel Syndrome to help sooth their discomforts after troublesome foods. As it has that cleansing element, it can help the effects of bloating after such foods.

Cold & Flu:
In new light, fennel seeds are leading the way with combating the flu and colds. Fennel cleans out your system, therefore reducing the effects of sore throats, chest infections and loosens phlegm.

Other benefits:
  • appetite suppressing
  • helps the production of oestrogen in women

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