Monday, 25 March 2013

Amy H eats... Common

Common Bar, Edge Street, NQ

The Common(TM) burger.
Common bar is a regular stop on my map. If you're looking for filling meal, Common is the one for you. Their burgers range from the classic Common(TM) burger to their Maple Bacon Burger, it is heaven for a beef lover.You even get a temperature option to your liking! But as always, there are other sorts on offer, such as sandwiches (cold/toasted). Common also hold specials which are displayed regularly on their instagram

Something I really enjoy about Common is not the staple of the meal, but their coleslaw. Made with purple cabbage, there is something about their coleslaw that has a "I cannot simply eat these fries without it" sort of addiction.   

With the occasional gig/themed night on, Common is seen as a good place for a drink in terms on Northern Quarter bars. However, on some nights there may be a queue due to it being popular amongst the community, so be prepared! 

Amy H eats... rating: 7.5/10


  1. Mmmm, their falafel and halloumi kebabs are amazing! Great review!

  2. Looks delicious! Definitely check out "Almost Famous", easily the best burger place in town!

    (although they did have a "no blogging or journalism" rule for a long time to keep it on the low-down...)

  3. Might have to pay this place a visit.. maple bacon burger sounds delish :) Fab review! :D xx