Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Amy H eats... Cafe Grecco

Manchester Arndale Market is home to a collection of international eateries from Indian to Mexican.

Currently my favourite stop in the market is Cafe Grecco.

My pick: Halloumi and bacon 
Cafe Grecco strictly offers paninis, but they are delightful. Being a busy person and always in a rush, these paninis are perfect for on-the-go food.

My favourite is the Halloumi and Bacon with pesto. The collection of salty flavours may not be for everyone, but is perfect in my eyes and extremely moreish. Even the bread leaves a want for more behind after you've finished off the last bite.

The stand is extremely clean with the vender cleaning down the machines after every custom. A bonus upon this, your food will only take a couple minutes to be cooked and then you are on your way. Cost per panini ranges between on average £2.50- £3, which I think is reasonable for what it is.

If you're ever hungry whilst in the Arndale centre, skip the food court and get to Cafe Grecco!

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