Sunday, 12 May 2013

Inside the box... Spearmint Green Tea

Inside the box... Spearmint Green tea
Pukka mint, green tea
Spearmint and Green tea both are packed full of health benefits when it comes to a final cuppa before bed. Some more obvious than others. They both come seperate of course, but Pukka have created one bag for a nice alternative for those who don't like the taste of camomile. 

Cold & Flu
Green tea contains polyphenols and flavonoids which boost your immune system to fight against the common cold and other contagious illnesses. In partner, spearmint is packed full of potassium, vitamin B and calcium, which also boosts your antibodies to fight off and defend your body from the common cold/flu. 

Stomach soother
My Mum, when I have an upset stomach, always tells me to drink some mint tea. Spearmint helps sooth your stomach when suffering from cramps, diarrhoea or general discomfort. Spearmint calms the acid action which causes discomfort and, in some cases, heartburn. Stomach discomfort is one of the top causers of sleep deprivation, so a cup of spearmint will help combat a restless nights sleep. 

Weight loss
Green tea is well-known for its weight losing properties. Its ability to reduce water retention eliminates excess weight on the body, as well as suppressing hunger and detoxifying the body. Obviously you will not loose weight just by drinking green tea, but with a healthy diet and an exercise routine, green tea can give you that extra push when trying to loose weight. 

Other benefits:
  • hydrates
  • good for diabetics
  • reduces risk of heart attacks
  • helps treat acne

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